Encouraging Public Nerdgasms at Nerd Nite

On September 12, 2013 I presented about some of the educational techniques I used while working as staff scientist at TELUS World of Science Edmonton.  I presented as part of the Edmonton chapter of a group called "Nerd Nite", basically a gathering of slightly inebriated nerds talking about their nerdy pastimes.  In case anyone is interested in more information about the talk or interested in watching any of the publicly available videos or photos I shared, I have compiled this post.  If available in the future, I will also post the video of the talk itself.  Update: Watch the full talk here:

Slide 2: "Science Nerds"

Slide 5: "Space Rocks"

Slide 6: "Space Rocks"

Slide 7: "'Famous' Nerds"

Slide 11: "'Famous' Nerds"
The following video is related, but not mentioned in the talk: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nve7jpVgMQ8

Slide 12: "Look up!"

Slide 13: "Look up!"

Slides 14 to 37: "MATH!!!" and "π"
More information can be found in the descriptions of each photo.

Slide 38: "Explosions, Electricity, etc."

Slide 42: "The Universe."

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