Storm at Capital Ex

I was at Capital Ex last night when a storm hit. Thanks to everyone for tweeting info about it, it was great to know what was going on in the rest of the city while waiting at the Coliseum LRT/bus station.

When I got home, I put together a real quick YouTube video and tweeted about it with the #yeg hash tag. Before I knew it a bunch of people (@nscafe, @kylefox, @foomanizer, @slepp, @donnamct, @justNICKI, @beastham, @ocean_raven, @gscratch, @Sirthinks, @MrLuisJimenez, @britl, @Edmonton_EhRT, @chathura77, @kevinthegeek, @PepsiTrolleyManRT, @canadianwild, and @kathytelfer, that I know of) had re-tweeted it, and the hits grew quickly. In the morning, the Edmonton Journal had embedded it in their site and Global News was calling me up for more information and eventually an interview.

To follow up, it looks like there are lots of fallen trees all over the city:

Update (2009-07-21): I ended up being on GlobalTV News (-37:42) two days in a row, and my video is almost at 60 000 views!


  1. I just saw your video on CTV too! Well done for making it - it certainly has helped Edmonton understand what happened.

  2. Trevor Prentice, kindergarten partner o' mine. Have been wondering about what happened; was interested in the video; appreciated the comment about your water-proof camera.